Why you Need to be Printing your Photos!

In a digital age, it’s important to not forget the second part of the photography process…printing! Have you ever questioned if you should be printing the photos you take? In this blog post, we will go over why you need to be printing your photos after the editing process as well as the benefits of printing out your photos!  

Understanding Quality 

It is easy to take a photo and edit it in Lightroom or whatever software you use to edit and then be done with the photo-taking process. A lot of the time, this is as far as many photos go! Sometimes you may post them to a social media account, but the quality of your photos can be lost or hidden by that small LCD screen. We never really think about the second half of photography in today’s digital age of printing your photos. By printing your photos, you really get to see the quality of the photo edit you created and where you may be excelling or lacking. A lot of the time, when a photo is printed, flaws become more apparent, especially if you print a large poster of an image. You may notice more noise or maybe you sharpened an image too much. Either way, you will begin to understand how different edits and settings can influence the quality of your photos. 

Manual camera settings allow the user to have full control over every photo they take. However, it can be hard to learn the specifics of each setting and when and how to manipulate them in different lighting. Even more so, the quality can be misleading on an LCD screen while editing or posting your photo. Once a photo is printed on a large scale, you will be able to see where you may have misjudged your settings. Maybe there is too much noise, in which case your ISO was too high. Or maybe you realize that the photo is too warm in color, meaning that your white balance was off for the type of lighting you were shooting in. Whatever the case may be, printing can help you understand where you can improve your skills to ensure the best quality of your photos, whether you print them or not! 

The Process Itself 

Photography has changed over time and the process of developing film photographs in a darkroom has become more of an art form for hobbyists rather than a necessary step for photographers. For some, digital photography has cut the entire process in half because there is no longer a need to print your photos. That is why some people still print their photos in a digital age, to complete the process! Especially when they do the printing themselves rather than sending it to an outside source to do it for them. Not to say that you can’t get the same fulfillment from having a printing agency print your photos. Either way, you can see your photos come to life and nothing is more empowering than seeing a photo go from a RAW image on your camera to a fully edited and framed work of art hanging on a wall! 


Let’s be honest, we all lose things and forget passwords. Not to mention that technology is always changing. We have all lost photos to either a misplaced flash drive or an SD card. Maybe you even forgot a password to where you store all our photos online. Even if you haven’t done either of those things, who is to say that you won’t or that technology won’t change. If you think Instagram or Google Drive will be around forever, then you have more confidence in technology than us! Do you know what is hard to lose and timeless? A big framed photo you took and printed that hangs on a wall! Memories and perfectly captured moments can be embodied in prints that reignite certain feelings whenever you look at them and what could be more timeless than that! 

Hopefully, this blog gave you insight into why you need to be printing your photos! Here at Camera Drop, we specialize in camera gear that helps you to take the perfect photo/video! Visit our store to see what we have to offer!